Mark Cavendish Believes In Himself

Mark Cavendish has courage to shut out the mouths of his doubters but he does not deserve what he has achieved.

He is just 29 years of age and thinks that his career is far from over. His response towards those who take his interview has become completely different. Even when the question is not asked he anticipates them. He feels that scandals and doping makes him sick.

He is ready to strike those out who do not believe in his credibility as he has got 6 wins already in this season. It shows that he is an interesting character with much brilliance. His skills of biking are worth mentioning. The entire experience of biking is a refreshing experience for him. He cares for the servicemen and women who gets injured and feels for them. He wants government to do something for them. As a sportsman he is dynamic in his own way such that he speaks his mind without fear.

Years of facts and figures are behind him which he can always quote. The amount of total wins is 11 by which he measures his talent and record. He points out that if his record is measured then he has got the most in comparison to any British rider but he does not get the required media coverage which he deserves. His anger is basically pointed towards Team Sky since the team promoted Froome and Wiggins more than him and, consequently he left the team.Continue Reading

Doubts over Rio Olympics for Mark Cavendish

For 2016, Rio Olympics Cavendish is unable to make the final cut as pointed out by Shane Sutton the chief of British cycling. In his search for grabbing an Olympic medal, Cavendish wanted to be in the omnium. He was not able to compete in 2008 as well as 2012. He is all out to expand his career of the road but unfortunately it is all over for him. He is the track World Champion to times.

Sutton points out that if Cavendish wants to make a return he can but time is running out for qualification. The date for cut off is not mentioned. He thinks that his hope is all over to race in the Rio. In the fourth as well as the final stage of Dubai tour, Cavendish sprinted to victory. He got ten seconds more as a bonus. Starting after seconds behind John the leader, the stage ended at Burj Khalifa.

The total time taken by Cavendish was 15 hours, 22 minutes and 38 seconds. He was ahead of the German, Degenkolb riding for Team Giant. Cavendish was ecstatic after the victory. He had fire in his belly which proved that he could perform. It is extremely special for him to win at Dubai. The sprint was not flat and he savoured every moment by stating that all worked hard to achieve the desired result.Continue Reading