Cavendish Shares His Views On Nutrition

If you are looking for nutrition tips and inspiration for following a sound diet, cyclists like Mark will tell you that he was addicted to junk food like others.

His fondness for food that is bad for health often gets the better of him, though he does balance out the same with rigorous fitness regimes and hours of cycling. He states that he had been on junk food when he was young and when he started to work at Barclays he was called the fat banker as he was quite chubby. He lived on burgers and chips. Even after he became a world champion, he still confesses about his love for food and junk food in particular.

Mark states that, while it is important for one to watch their diet, those who state that they are doing it all the time and weighing the food they eat, cannot be doing so for every meal. Everyone tends to binge and eat what they love and don’t watch or count the calories every time.

He confesses that he also allows himself to eat the junk food that he loves and allows himself that indulgence once in a while. After he met his wife who is a Peg 3 model and a food columnist, he started to eat food that was healthy and that was cooked the proper way. After he started to lie in Tuscany he also got into cooking Tuscan food. The area is not only great for food, but also cycling as there are flats in the basin areas of Florence as well as small climbs and heights around the Apennines region. With the peasant food and wholesome ingredients he has come to love food that is good for health and tastes good too.